Personal Branding shoot with Sara a breathwork and meditation coach

1st August 2022

A soulful personal branding shoot with Breathwork and Meditation Coach Sara Warden. Sara came to me at an exciting time in her business journey and it was an absolute pleasure to work with her to elevate her brand and help her gain visibility.

We chose two locations for her shoot to reflect different parts of her personality alongside the benefits of her coaching. Sara set up control the noise as a result of suffering from anxiety, and after working in massage therapy discovered the power of guided meditation & breathwork healing.

The first location we picked was Frensham Little Ponds in Farnham. Sara had described to me the feeling of expanse and calmness of water, which is key to stage one of her course, rebalancing and restoring your nervous and energetic systems. We then discussed the feeling of connection with nature as this is where Sara feels most inspired, Frensham not only has water but also beautiful woodland.

The second location we then agreed had to be Sara’s home, as although I have a home studio, there is nothing like your own home to inject personality and show your brand. A persons home will always reflect them so unless you are going through a renovation project or want a clean simplistic approach I would highly recommend injecting a bit of you at home into your personal branding shoot. It was also at this point we wanted to show the up-lifting ‘zest for life’ benefits of Sara’s workshops.

I absolutely loved this shoot… it was super zen and calm as well as uplifting (what more would you expect from a meditation coach!)