Back to school 3 top photo tips

6th September 2021

Today is a big day, the day my eldest starts school! It is settling in sessions this week so I’m just about managing to hold it together. 

I wanted to do a little shoot to mark this, what feels to me a momentus occasion. We had so much fun shooting my youngest, of course, wanted to get in on the action. Luckily she is not starting school yet, otherwise I think I would be a puddle right now!

Below are the results and my top 3 tips for shooting Back to school photos:

1. Same pose, same place 

The traditional shot in front of the doorway is a great way to see how much your child has grown. It’s also often shaded so this tried and tested formula will give you even light. If you have a south facing front door try shooting on a cloudy day – cloud cover is natures natural diffuser of light – no harsh shadows on face here! 

If you are feeling more adventurous try a location elsewhere, in your garden near a tree, at a postbox or local landmark that you can return to capture your child as they grow. 

2. Don’t forget the details 

Don’t forget to capture their expressions up close, that cheeky smile may change over time too and as much as it’s lovely to see the whole outfit you won’t regret getting a few close up shots in the mix.

Also whilst you have your child in a nice clean uniform (which let’s be honest probably won’t last for long) why not capture them with some of their artwork and a note of their favourite things, which might be later lost or forgotten. This is also a great way of engaging them in shoot, and perfect opportunity to tell them they’re amazing! A confident boost to calm any school nerves they have can only help!

Back to school photoshoots – drawing some artwork
Recording first favourites

3. Have fun 

Use the shoot as precious time together before the big day. Ask your little one to show you their best moves, then capture them straight after when they look to you with a big proud smile. Capture them drawing you a picture. Encourage their curiosity by looking at plants in your garden. Bring in a few props, ask them to try balancing books or apple on their head or yours for that matter – bound to end up in laughter. My eldest is a big fan of apples so it wasn’t long before the apple got eaten! 

Although I wish I could pause I also can’t wait to look back at these, and see how he grows. Hope you find above useful for recording your little ones! 

Apple for the teacher if it’s not eaten before
Having fun on Back to School photoshoot