Sunny surrey garden photoshoots

13th October 2020

Summer feels like a distant memory now, so I thought why not warm up today with an overdue share of one of the relaxed at home photoshoots I had the joy of capturing over the summer.

I had such fun capturing so many lovely families in their beautiful gardens, I have now seen the most amazing octopus impressions, been invited to an imaginary tea party and stayed cool thanks to a cheeky sprinkler but the best part was being able to capture the love and laughter they shared together.

Katie did a photoshoot in our garden.. i was delighted by the results! She captured us all looking natural and relaxed, not an easy feat with a 5, 3 and almost 1yr old! Highly recommended!

Helen BW

Thank you so much for giving us wonderful memories. You captured our family beautifully. Such a lovely session with you and you were so great with the children. We are more than pleased with the images you captured. Amazing memories made!

Edwina Kitson

Thank you again to all the families who have invited me into their gardens and homes recently, it is always such a pleasure and knowing that you love and will treasure the shots received is the icing on the cake!