So thankful you are here!

Hi, I’m katie!

Hi this is me…a little self-portrait taken in my studio in between shooting lots of lovely families -yay-, so here I am, the lady that does a little dance every time you book me or send me your lovely feedback.

I'm a Mama - Mummy

I currently have two names, to Alex 5 and Ellie 3 who I adore. Being a mum is amazing and the best life challenge I’ve ever had! My husband is my biggest fan and my rock.

Hampshire and Surrey born and bred

I recently moved from Woking to Fleet, and I am completely indulging myself in lots of home and garden design at the moment alongside far too much Pinterest.

I'm a bit obsessed with Photography

It feels like photography is in my DNA having studied it to degree level and delivered photoshoots for M&S for 10 years and the best part now is being able to work with so many families to capture their happiness.

Hope you like my little intro, I can't wait to chat!

My children help me see the world from a new & exciting perspective.

I thrived on providing imagery for M&S and Cosmopolitan, but having children of my own gave me a new drive and ambition to capture 'real people' and the things that matter to them, from small business to families. I love my job because I love my family and know too well how time can fly when you're having fun!

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I Actually Have a Degree

I’m Obsessed With

in photography

coffee and cake

Nothing makes me happier than

My Favorite Person is

seeing my children smile

my husband!

I Started This Business

my happy place

woodland walks

when my Alex was born

My perfect hobby

swimming, pinterest and flowers

Some stuff you need to know about me